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Supercharge your customer service 

Cut the costs for team coordination, simplify process execution, increase customer satisfaction.

1 000 000

enjoy exceptional service experience, powered by

users worldwide


Housekeeping Solutions

Logistics Companies

Property Management

Go-To-Market Solutions

X2 Sales

closing Rate improved on average at teams using AI Sales Representative

+12% NPS

 growth after 12 months of AI Concierge implementation 

CAD 800K

annual savings prediction on team coordination

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coordinate your team

Process execution.

Seamlessly integrating with your corporate software, we automate time-consuming processes, enhancing efficiency of your execution teams

You have no need to hire engineers for this.

Empower your teams breaks down the key barriers on the way to team success. It accelerates onboarding, enables seamless collaboration, and bridges language and cultural differences, facilitating the integration of diverse talent.

Tailor Engagement,
Drive Customer Action

Interact with customers on their terms: through any messenger, anytime. With video, audio, or text. speaks in common language with a customer while consistently maintaining your brand's tone of voice.

engage customer
leverage insights via analytical dashboards

Leverage insights via analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards provide insights into areas for improvement, offering a clear view of process bottlenecks and enhancement opportunities. They enable metric comparisons, seamless integration with other dashboards, and comprehensive data assessment 

Streamline your hands-on services with

Streamline your hands-onservices with

Read how LakeFront Resorts saved more than 30% on customer support with AI Concierge by

Learn how AI Tenant Cuccess Manager replaced 3 roles saving up to C$50K annually and improving experience

Here's how AI Virtual AI Medical Affairs Representative increased response rate to company messaging by 62%

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