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success platform

Powering People Communications with our API-First & No-Code Platform
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Solutions communications success platform enhances the full cycle of talent and workforce experiences across voice and digital channels. Our solutions consist of predefined workflows, branded personal intelligent assistant, roles, settings, user requests types, content templates and ready-made integrations with your existing business workflows

Workforce Communications Success

Onboarding Communications
  • Policy & Culture training
  • Job training
  • Safety training
  • Virtual facility tours
  • Payroll updates
  • Team and executive introduction
Rewards & Recognition Communications
  • Social recognition
  • Distribution of rewards including gift cards and e-commerce promotion codes
Well-being Communications
  • Well-being education and training
  • Coaching
  • Games & competitions
  • ERGs, diversity and inclusion communitiesics
  • Building Resilience to change
  • Psychologically Safe workplace
Work Management Communications
  • Workforce schedule 
  • Physical assets and location scheduling
  • Travel and commute management
  • Family situation changes, leave, exit etc.
  • Alumni management
  • Contingent/gig work management

Talent Communications Success

  • AI-based applicant matching
  • Advanced analytics
  • Candidate / Behavioral Assessment
  • Interview process
  • Job offers
  • Employment contracts

Community Communications Success

Solutions communication success platform enhances full cycle of customer, prospect and employee experienceacross voice and digital channels. Our solutions consist of predefined scenarions, roles, settings, user requests types, content templates and ready-made integrations with your business systems and communication channels
Create a better Candidate Experience and hire 3х faster. Сonversion rates jumps 70% while screening time down by 50% with candidate-centric hiring assistant. 3 metrics
199 user requests
15 scenarios
34 roles
452 settings
Make onboarding smooth and easy and decrease onboarding costs up to 30% with a digital mentor for every newcomer 3 metrics
83 user requests
9 scenarios
15 roles
303 settings
Employee engagement
Make mass communications personalized. Plan and execute multistep communication campaigns for any slice of your audience. 3 metrics
998 user requests
37 scenarios
48 roles
506 settings

Pre-built native integrations 

Seamless workflow journey across systems and people has dozens of integrations with industry leading platforms. Core HR, HRIS, Payroll, ATS, ERP, HCM, IAP as well as productivity, learning, and survey tools, + much more

Analytics & insights

Real time data to drive retention and prevent attrition
Tease out deeper insights into the needs and desires of your community. Drive employee retention in today’s hybrid work environment.
Gain valued actionable insights and visualize data with our built-in BI tool or with your preferred BI stack

Manage X-Communications

Follow your employee’s choice
Select your workforce's preferred communications messengers to facilitate conversations and workflows with your company's tools

Manage Workforce Requests

Automates company responses to workforce/candidate requests across business systems User Request Engine processes natural language by understanding and transmitting requests with context to company business systems and then communicates an answer back to employee/candidate. Simply link the User Request Engine to the Workflow Engine and spend no more time ever for inbound questions

Manage Roles

Personalize and fine tune communications across your organization
Utilize or compliment existing user roles with more granular categorizations to hyper-personalize the Intelligent Assistant
Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Manage Workflows

Build cross enterprise workflows connecting dots between your business systems
Build Workflows for interaction between people and corporate apps in an intuitive and easy way. Create simple step-by-step instructions using predifined elements, resources and content and easily connect with your business systems like HCM, LMS, ATS and more. Our AI-powered Adaptive Workflow Engine understands the context of the particular interaction and decides which workflow branch to use. The Engine collects and enriches demographical and behavioral user related data

Manage Content

Content at your fingertips
Efficiently create, store and reuse your content such as Text,  Photos, Videos, Q&A, Tests, Surveys and Polls, Job Descriptions, Articles, Instructions, Learning Materials, KPIs, and much more.

Integrate and synchronize content with your CMS, corporate portal or other content storage system

Manage Physical Asset Use

Manage the use of the company’s physical or on site assets via your workflows
Manage tools, vehicle fleets, meeting rooms, equipment and more via Handy.AI. Integrates easily with calendars, ERP and other asset management systems

Manage Campaigns

Easily plan, create and execute automated conversations
Readily access and collate content to schedule targeted segmented and hyperpersonalized communications campaigns. Check the pulse of your community by regularly touching base - regardless of campaign complexity

Manage Audiences Dynamically

Reach the right people with the right information
Segment your audience precisely and efficiently. Dynamically create audiences using specific sets of parameters including user behavior, sentiment, intent or predifined journey

Converse with humans 

Seamlessly combine AI with human responses
Support individuals directly with human interactions as needed

Personalize your communications

Activates and manages contextual conversations via branded personal intelligent assistant
Branded image and tone of voice
Enhance your company culture