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Transforming Workplace Safety with Miner AI Safety Coach

PAVLOGRAD COAL, a subsidiary of DTEK Energy, is a key player in Ukraine's coal mining and electricity generation sector. With a workforce of 11,000 employees spread across 10 mines, ensuring workplace safety, compliance, and employee morale in demanding mining environments posed significant challenges.

The Challenge: PAVLOGRAD COAL faced the formidable task of addressing workplace safety and compliance, particularly in the context of the challenging work environments its employees navigated daily, exacerbated by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Problem: The existing safety training process relied on manual monthly scheduling, necessitating workers to travel to another town for training sessions. Additionally, there were no e-learning resources available to facilitate training in a more convenient and efficient manner.

The Solution: PAVLOGRAD COAL turned to's Miner AI Safety Coach to revolutionize safety training. This innovative solution introduced continuous personalization, delivering bite-sized mobile training modules that streamlined scheduling and reduced the need for instructor involvement. Workers could complete these modules independently, repeating them as necessary and at their convenience. Supervisors benefited from real-time progress tracking, allowing them to grant work access based on training results.

Results: The implementation of Miner AI Safety Coach yielded impressive results. It significantly reduced health incidents, saving an impressive 6 hours per month per employee. Moreover, it boosted test scores by an impressive 14%. Miner AI Safety Coach offers the following benefits:

  • Watch tutorial videos and take tests.

  • Review test results and performance statistics.

  • Suggest the next best action for workers and supervisors.

Notably, this transformation in safety training became even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic when traditional in-person training became challenging. The successful adaptation to remote training proved so effective that it has been retained as a valuable resource beyond the pandemic era. Learn more about PAVLOGRAD COAL on their website: PAVLOGRAD COAL Website


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