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AI Education Advisor: transforming Metinvest Polytechnic workforce development


Metinvest Polytechnic, established in 2021 and affiliated with the renowned Metinvest Group, embarked on a critical mission. Their initial challenge was to address the need for skilled engineers and technicians in a competitive job market, particularly following their relocation from Mariupol to Kyiv due to the destruction and occupation of Mariupol during the war. Additionally, they aimed to align the skills of their workforce with modern equipment and complex workflows.

Metinvest Group, as a whole, confronted its own set of challenges in the aftermath of the war. Some of its facilities were damaged or located in occupied territories, necessitating workforce reorganization and optimization.

Solution - Leveraging

To tackle these multifaceted challenges effectively, Metinvest Polytechnic initiated an innovative project in collaboration with This project, still in its early stages, utilizes's AI-driven capabilities to ensure precise skills alignment within both the current workforce and incoming talent.

  • Automated Skill Assessment:'s automated screening identifies individual skills and qualifications, enabling tailored training courses for each employee and prospective hire. This streamlines skill development, fostering a workforce that's better equipped to handle industry demands.

  • Talent Matching and Upskilling: facilitates precise matching of employees and potential recruits with the most suitable training programs. This includes reskilling and upskilling initiatives that enhance their proficiency in metallurgy and related fields.

About Metinvest Polytechnic:

Metinvest Polytechnic, a subsidiary of Metinvest Group, was founded in 2021. It has quickly established itself as a key player in shaping the future of the metallurgical industry in Ukraine. The institution's primary goal is to ensure the industry's sustained success by providing a pipeline of highly skilled professionals through advanced education and training programs.

About Metinvest Group:

Metinvest Group is an internationally recognized vertically integrated mining and metallurgical conglomerate. With operations spanning Ukraine, Europe, and the USA, Metinvest controls the entire production chain – from mining raw materials to manufacturing finished products. Employing approximately 90,000 people, Metinvest had to adapt to the disruptions caused by the war, which resulted in the destruction of some of its facilities and their occupation.

By leveraging AI-driven solutions, Metinvest Polytechnic is paving the way for a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, poised to drive success in an ever-evolving industry.

Learn more about Metinvest Polytechnic and explore how is transforming workforce development.

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