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exceptional guest experience for hotels and resorts

Swift service

Guest joy

More returns

✔ Guest joy

✔ More returns

✔ Swift service

From the first touchto the return visit

Making every guest moment better

Understands nearly all inquiries, minimizes request resolution time

Communicates via any message apps, SMS, and voice interface

Human-like experience with a genuine employee's video avatar

Proficient in 130+ languages

Instantly connects with a human specialist when needed

Intelligent Staff Сoordination

Optimize costs and operations: minimize language skill requirements, facilitate global support, and streamline shift planning for significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency

Initiate Smart Task Assignments:

AI concierge expertly matches tasks to the right performers for optimal execution

Real-time Task Monitoring:

Proactively identifies deviations, ensuring prompt and standardized task execution

Swift Issue Escalation:

AI rapidly notifies managers of deviations for timely resolution, preventing disruptions

Enhanced Training:

 Guides staff with on-the-job tutorials, fostering continuous performance improvement


20 resorts in Ontario, Canada

Our AI concierge goes beyond communication, offering exclusive deals and introducing new properties. Committed to guest satisfaction, it provides:

  • Comprehensive support for all inquiries and requests

  • Virtual tours of homes and neighborhoods

  • Arrangement of services, from fishing trips to restaurant reservations, and other additional amenities

Unleash the full potential of your PMS

AI Concierge seamlessly connects with your entire digital infrastructure,
facilitating timely data exchange at every stage of your business processes

Maximizing Hotel Occupancy: repeat visits and referrals

With AI Concierge in the guest's contacts, extend post-visit connections for personalized communications and tailored offers based on preferences. Invite for off-peak stays, special events, and offer gifts or discounts. Utilize the system's algorithm for autonomous discount adjustments. Encourage reviews, motivate referrals, and turn guests into hotel ambassadors in their network

Maximizing Revenue:

extra services sales

The AI Concierge efficiently selects and sells additional services, boosting guest spending and overall revenue. It seamlessly upsells in-hotel amenities (dry cleaning, massages, spa, restaurants) and partner local services (car rentals, tours, fishing, excursions). Revenue Maximization is attained through personalized packages tailored to each guest and their family, considering specific needs.

Guest Satisfaction:

balancing human and AI 

Flexible balancing of human and AI interaction for each guest group enables customized engagement, including enhanced human interaction for VIP clients. Through iterative processes, the AI system learns from human experts, gradually shifting the balance toward AI. This reduces costs while preserving service quality, ultimately benefiting hotels

Unlock the ultimate control and seamless connectivity with our Internet of Things (IoT) feature, empowering guests to link and control all devices through AI Concierge 

Streamlined Access Control

Grant control over entry points, enhancing security and accessibility, including parking barriers

IoT Device Management

Effortlessly manage and control in-room and on-site IoT devices, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free stay

Seamless AI Concierge Interaction In their rooms

Effortlessly converse with the AI Concierge via voice or text on dedicated devices, ensuring a personalized and responsive experience throughout their stay

Empower your guests withSmart Device Control


Optimizing guest experience: elevating satisfaction and loyalty, team efficiency, and overall revenue


Guest Satisfaction Level

that's 25% better than industry average

5 min

Average Service Time

that's 25% better than industry average


Repeat Booking Rate

that's 25% better than industry average


Optimizing guest experience: elevating satisfaction and loyalty, team efficiency, and overall revenue

Build, customize, and enhance workflows

Workflow Builder: No-code editor for effortlessly creating intricate workflows, leveraging AI for recognition and rephrasing. Access pre-made interactive actions such as forms, events, directories, catalogs, and more. Add employee roles and connectors to digital systems, whether internal or external, as needed for your processes

Coordinate and empower your team

AI Concierge coordinates on-site, connects to support, and escalates for swift resolutions. Its efficiency minimizes service time to minutes, reducing human involvement

Empower agents to assign experts and translate messages in real-time for effective cross-language communication

Each team member has a personalized assistant for tasks and assistance. Uncompleted tasks seamlessly escalate, and knowledge transfer is easily accessible

Engage guests with tailored communications

Create, schedule, and analyze targeted campaigns. Craft personalized offers and facilitate immediate bookings for new visits or service purchases

Tailor delivery for intelligent and effective engagement by prioritizing communication channels based on audience preferences and budget constraints

Expanding engagement through rich media and various activities: promotions, surveys, training, and more

Leverage insights via analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards provide insights into areas for improvement, offering a clear view of process bottlenecks and enhancement opportunities. They enable metric comparisons, seamless integration with other dashboards, and comprehensive data assessment 

Easy to create and manageever-improving AI-drivenguest experiences

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience


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over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

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