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Communications Success Platform

Messenger-first workforce communications platform that is both integration and worker-friendly

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Client business outcomes

within just six months use of


Top 10 global pipe manufacturer
deskless workers


increased global
employee satisfaction


Ukraine’s #1 Energy Company


reduction of onboarding costs

Logistics & Transportation

Ukrainianian National Railway
deskless workers


increased union worker engagement - strike

Construction & Property Management

Smart city ecosystem


increased community amenities cross-selling

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Reduce multichannel communication complexity with ease, nuance and context.
Their language, their messenger, their schedule, their choice

The Adaptive Workflow Engine enables business process integration across your entire people tech stack

The Adaptive Workflow Engine links people and workflows so you can communicate across the entire talent, workforce and community experience

The Intelligent Assistant delivers contextual two way communications across all messengers

Employee choice. lets employees and prospects use their prefered communications methods. No need  to learn new software or applications. Personalised 1:1 answers to all their questions
includes e-mail, text, chat, voice, messengers and even interactions in the Metaverse

Solutions communications success platform enhances the full cycle of talent and workforce experiences across voice and digital channels. Our solutions consist of predefined workflows, branded personal intelligent assistant, roles, settings, user requests types, content templates and ready-made integrations with your existing business workflows

Workforce Communications Success

Onboarding Communications
  • Policy & Culture training
  • Job training
  • Safety training
  • Virtual facility tours
  • Payroll updates
  • Team and executive introduction
Rewards & Recognition Communications
  • Social recognition
  • Distribution of rewards including gift cards and e-commerce promotion codes
Well-being Communications
  • Well-being education and training
  • Coaching
  • Games & competitions
  • ERGs, diversity and inclusion communitiesics
  • Building Resilience to change
  • Psychologically Safe workplace
Work Management Communications
  • Workforce schedule 
  • Physical assets and location scheduling
  • Travel and commute management
  • Family situation changes, leave, exit etc.
  • Alumni management
  • Contingent/gig work management

Talent Communications Success

  • AI-based applicant matching
  • Advanced analytics
  • Candidate / Behavioral Assessment
  • Interview process
  • Job offers
  • Employment contracts

Community Communications Success

Solutions communication success platform enhances full cycle of customer, prospect and employee experienceacross voice and digital channels. Our solutions consist of predefined scenarions, roles, settings, user requests types, content templates and ready-made integrations with your business systems and communication channels
Create a better Candidate Experience and hire 3х faster. Сonversion rates jumps 70% while screening time down by 50% with candidate-centric hiring assistant. 3 metrics
199 user requests
15 scenarios
34 roles
452 settings
Make onboarding smooth and easy and decrease onboarding costs up to 30% with a digital mentor for every newcomer 3 metrics
83 user requests
9 scenarios
15 roles
303 settings
Employee engagement
Make mass communications personalized. Plan and execute multistep communication campaigns for any slice of your audience. 3 metrics
998 user requests
37 scenarios
48 roles
506 settings

What our clients say

“We created easy access to each point of our ecosystem of 12 properties with It provides the best service to our tenants”

Dominique Piotet

Former CEO
“ was critically important in helping us change the conversation with our unionized deskless workforce. Together with we broke new ground in employee experience by going from combative conversations to asynchronous dialogue and saved $363,000 within the 1st year”.

Ihor Kotelianets

Director of Department of sustainable development and internal communications at JSC Ukrainian Railway
“We use for Rewards and Recognition, Safe Workplace and Work Management Communications and today could not imagine managing our workforce without it.”

Fadi Hraibi

CEO Interpipe