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AI-Powered Specialists 

to Drive Customer and Employee Success is an intelligent SaaS platform crafting and managing AI-powered Virtual Specialists tailored for your business and deeply integrated into your digital ecosystems

AI Partner Success Manager

Nurture successful partnerships, ensuring partner satisfaction, mutual growth, and collaboration to achieve shared goals while boosting conversion rates at every stage of the partnership journey

AI Employee Engagement Specialist 

Optimize and improve the performance, well-being, and productivity of an organization's workforce, ultimately contributing to the achievement of the company's goals and objectives

AI Customer Success Manager

Ensure customers achieve their desired outcomes, enhance conversion rates at every step of the customer journey, and increase retention by optimizing the customer experience


Exceptional guest experience for hotels and resorts


✔ Swift service

✔ More returns

✔ Guest joy

Making every customer moment better

Understands nearly all inquiries, minimizes request resolution time

Communicates via any message apps, SMS, and voice interface

Human-like experience with a genuine employee's video avatar

Proficient in 130+ languages

Instantly connects with a human specialist when needed

Build, customize, and enhance workflows

Workflow Builder: No-code editor for effortlessly creating intricate workflows, leveraging AI for recognition and rephrasing. Access pre-made interactive actions such as forms, events, directories, catalogs, and more. Add employee roles and connectors to digital systems, whether internal or external, as needed for your processes

Coordinate and empower your team

AI Concierge coordinates on-site, connects to support, and escalates for swift resolutions. Its efficiency minimizes service time to minutes, reducing human involvement

Empower agents to assign experts and translate messages in real-time for effective cross-language communication

Each team member has a personalized assistant for tasks and assistance. Uncompleted tasks seamlessly escalate, and knowledge transfer is easily accessible

Engage customer with tailored communications

Create, schedule, and analyze targeted campaigns. Craft personalized offers and facilitate immediate bookings for new visits or service purchases

Tailor delivery for intelligent and effective engagement by prioritizing communication channels based on audience preferences and budget constraints

Expanding engagement through rich media and various activities: promotions, surveys, training, and more

Leverage insights via analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards provide insights into areas for improvement, offering a clear view of process bottlenecks and enhancement opportunities. They enable metric comparisons, seamless integration with other dashboards, and comprehensive data assessment 

Easy to create and manage ever-improvingAI-driven customer experiences

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

AI-powered customer success manager: launch in just 5 days, ready to Scaling challenges,  for StartUps

Empower clients, partners, and team with AI-powered virtual specialists tailored for Enterprise needs


AI-powered Miner Engagement Specialist to continuously catalyse worker satisfaction

Crafted exclusively for workers in complex and hazardous conditions, such as mining and metal processing, our game-changing Smart Miner Engagement Specialist caters to their unique psychology, work patterns, and demanding requirements

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Solution design

  • Identify Business Challenges

  • Gather Stakeholder Input

  • Assess Current Systems

  • Design Workflow and Configuration

  • Develop Integration Specifications

Solution delivery

  • Create Workflows for efficient solution operation

  • Deploy and Configure Platform: Set up and fine-tune the platform to support your solution

  • Integrate Your Content


  • Connect Services: Seamlessly link your existing services

  • Custom Integrations: Create tailored integrations as needed


  • Closed Focus Groups: Conduct testing with carefully selected user group

  • Task Alignment: Ensure the solution aligns perfectly with user tasks

  • Quality Assurance

Your solution swift implementation and onboarding for your team

Our experienced team will expertly configure your AI-powered Virtual Specialist for quick and valuable outcomes, saving you time and resources

Active users 70,000 per month

Read how Ukrainian National Railways increased employee loyalty by 21%

Additional opportunity:
embeding Handy.Ai into your product 

Embed even into your web or moblile application for an even better user experience. Chat conveniently and provide personalized information without any third party app or website restrictions. Say goodbye to handling various channels separately.

Making the most
of channels and integrations offers ready-made out-of-the-box connections to the top 10 global messengers and Google Workspace ecosystems, as well as a native chat widget. Additionally, our specialized API module greatly simplifies the process of new integrations, synchronization, and data exchange

AI Brand representation: shape your ideal specialist

  • Speaks Your Language: Understands your terminology and processes for quicker, more precise responses.

  • Sounds How You Want It To: Voice Cloning: Create a voice that perfectly aligns with your company's identity.

  • Looks How You Envision: Video Avatar: Generate a customized animated video avatar that captures your company's image in no time, producing personalized AI videos in minutes

Discover Handy.aifeatures

Discover features

Established in 2019

Since then we help streamline communications

100+ Million conversation

enjoyable conversations annually are processed by

20 enterprise clients

including Fortune 500 companies in North America and Europe

1 Million users

we assist 1 million users across the world

Handy in figures

One-to-one and one-to-many pre-planned communication

  • Precise Audience Targeting: Personalize

    Content, Enhance Engagement with

    Rich MediaSpecial promotions, surveys, and training messages

  • Long-term campaign planning and scheduling

  • Data collection for driving better personalization

  • Continuous improvement of communication

  • Intelligent Message Delivery: Tailor

    Channels for Optimal Communication

AI-Driven communication automation

Workflow builder: a no-code editor to create complex workflows, use AI for recognition and rephrasing, and access ready-made interactive actions like forms, events, directories, catalogues and more.
Real-time dashboards and analytics to further enhance processes

Peer-to-peer chat with a live expert

  • Easily assign the right experts based on user's specific query and add them to the chat

  • Automatically translate messages to different languages in real-time

  • Initiate specific processes via chat to address users' needs

  • Share multimedia for better communication

  • Enable group chats

Swift onboarding and seamless management: your team benefits quickly with AI-powered specialists


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