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AI Specialist acts effectively in response to phrases and events

Prebuilt actions and custom creations with no-code tools. These actions respond to events and phrases alike, activating internal processes or third-party systems upon commands from either, and even ordinary phrases from individuals

Inbound: your user will stay loyal

Swift, accurate, and efficient responses to every need. Our AI virtual assistant doesn't keep users waiting or send them on a wild goose chase for answers. We cut through the process, saving time, and growing loyalty by delivering results as quickly as possible

Providing your users with a remote control for all systems and saving their time

Empower users to initiate processes in external systems (e.g., scheduling a meeting in a calendar) and control them through actions

Understanding any request in real-time, regardless of language or topic

Comprehending any language and context of questions or requests in real-time, our AI leverages neural networks to analyze all available data

Real-time outbound engagement: keeping your users involved and seamlessly connected in processes

Your users won't miss a thing, forget, or be left out of the loop. We ensure consistent engagement, gently reminding them to stay connected. They promptly respond to processes and events, ensuring a seamless interaction between systems and individuals

Understanding user needs contextually (no detailed explanations)

You won't annoy or push away users due to repetitive or unnecessary questions and actions, or by leading them in circles with a chatbot that gets stuck in loops

Deep integration: your systems trigger essential processes within each other

Trigger with events from your other systems and vice versa

Intelligent phrase recognition:
transforms user input into system parametres

Assistant recognizes a person's phrase, breaks it down into parameters and data, and initiate the corresponding action in response

Action triggers for workflows: start from the beginning or specific points

Actions initiate workflows either from the start or from specific points. In a single workflow, multiple entry points exist, each with its corresponding action. Different roles can be involved in one workflow, with the flow starting from various points depending on the role

Respond immediately using full company knowledge

The search function retrieves answers or generates responses, and can locate relevant content library items or generate responses based on them


AI LLM.png

Understanding, restating, translating

​Discover more about available LLMs


Seamless Cross-System Task Execution excels in collaborating with external systems, seamlessly executing tasks that are communicated to it and assigning tasks to them Learn more about how it collaborates with various systems

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