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AI-powered specialist

An exceptional human-like experience with the AI-powered Specialist 

Our AI-powered virtual specialist significantly enhances user experience by seamlessly combining AI-driven efficiency with the personal touch of human interactions. It delivers an exceptional human-like experience, engaging people, offering prompt support, addressing requests, and swiftly resolving issues, all while communicating in their preferred languages and chosen channels. Whether for thousands or millions of users, it's designed to consistently deliver this exceptional level of service, enhancing user engagement and communication

Chat with your company: personalized and as easy and convenient as chatting with a friend

Allow your users to engage with your company just as effortlessly as they would chat with a close friend, using the familiar and understandable dialogue format. Tailored content for every individual using behavioural data.

Users' channel of choice

We adapt to users' communication channel of choice, be it business (e.g. Slack), personal (e.g. Whatsapp), SMS, or email.'s omni-channel capabilities enable cross-platform communication for each user

Speaking your language and ensure consistent and professional interactions

Tailored to your company, your AI Specialist learns and adapts, growing more adept in understanding your terminology, processes, and providing quicker, more precise responses. It's a perpetual learner, honing its skills to better serve every user

Replying promptly and minimising the response time

Your business processes will run faster, and more smoothly and efficiently. Ai Specialist will coordinate all process participants, serving as a coordinator, controller, and reminder for roles and individuals involved in the process

Understanding better and helping more every day

The AI Specialists learns over time, becoming more effective with each task. This not only saves hours each week but can add up to full workdays over a year. What truly stands out is its personalized approach, adapting to user preferences and habits, delivering responses and suggestions that cater to individual needs

Maximizing the impact of your existing software

Thanks to the convenient access through the AI Specialist to other systems (moreover, it often communicates with the systems on its own, exchanging data and information with them at the right points in the workflow), these systems will become enriched with more data, utilized more extensively, and yield greater benefits

Natural language understanding 

Handy translates for both customers and business users, enabling seamless conversations in each person's preferred language, all in real-time

Ideal AI Brand Representative

Voice Cloning: create a voice that perfectly aligns with your company's identity

Video Avatar: generate a customized animated video avatar that captures your company's image in no time, producing personalized AI videos in minutes

Handy Actions: at the core of your AI Specialist

The core part of the AI Specialist which seamlessly links it with people and processes, is the Actions product. Find out more about it on the page

interface handy ai
efficient multitasking handy ai

Efficient multitasking and seamless human collaboration

The AI-Powered Specialist excels in parallel execution of diverse processes, showcasing multitasking capabilities similar to human abilities, and seamlessly integrates human involvement as required. orchestrates tasks and roles among various specialists from different company departments or partners, preventing unnecessary communication overload while optimizing the task resolution process

unlimited scalability and adaptability handy ai

Unlimited scalability and adaptability

The AI-Powered Specialist can effortlessly handle a large number of users and their user groups, effectively managing diverse requests, business processes, and communication across various languages and channels, all without limitations on their quantity. It's a scalable solution tailored to meet your organization's evolving needs

​The Triggers system empowers the assistant to independently initiate the execution of the required process

The Triggers system allows the AI Specialist to initiate processes independently. To ensure streamlined operations with automated processes, allows you to configure system triggers and specify Handy's responses for autonomous process launches

proactive process execution handy ai

Understanding user and corporate inputs

The AI-Powered Specialist understands both user and corporate inputs and can respond to phrases and events in a way that caters to the needs and context of both individual users and the organization as a whole

understanding user and corporate inputs handy ai
adatable skill set handy ai

Adaptable Skill set

The AI-powered Specialist excels in multifaceted roles within any organization. With its ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse tasks and functions, it offers comprehensive support and solutions across a wide spectrum of areas. 

efficient workflow management with role templates handy ai

Efficient workflow management with role templates

Complex processes can be automated using a multi-level grouping system, enabling the execution of similar processes across different business departments, units, and territories. Role templates simplify user settings and permissions management in bulk, enhancing operational efficiency, all while allowing customization for each unit during the copying process



Your Own Data Lake

Here, all the data that is collected with various processes that go inside the AI Specialist are aggregated. Train your AI, build your appliances, build personalized experiences based on this data. Synchronize it with other data sources

​Read more about the LLMs

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over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

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