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Maximizing Communication Success: Cross-Channel, Any Message Type

Channels matter: Seamlessly support users across their preferred messengers, going where your users are most comfortable, whether it's through corporate or personal messengers, email, SMS. Foster cross-channel conversations for effortless communication, allowing bidirectional communication through voice, text, and video messages

Seamlessly integrate optimal channels into workflows and planned campaigns for every interaction stage

Tailor interactions by setting preferred channels. For example, prioritize sending messages through Teams over WhatsApp. This ensures that users with Teams connectivity receive messages ahead, while those without access receive them on WhatsApp. Use the most suitable channel for specific contexts, like sending passwords via SMS, invoices via email, and conducting major campaigns and workflows through WhatsApp/Teams

User-Centric Сommunication: following their preferences across channels

Offer your assistance where your users feel most comfortable – in the channels they're already familiar with. This way, you can save resources, time, and frustration by not trying to move them to new software or training them all over again. Instead, we adapt to their preferences and make things smoother for everyone.

Sending every message through the most appropriate channel

Effective communication is about choosing the right channel for each situation, ensuring relevance. Use the suitable channel based on business needs and user preferences – like email for certain matters, and SMS for urgent messages if a user is offline

Facilitating interactions across channels: bridging gaps for seamless user-to-user connections

Effortlessly connect people who use different channels for communication and interaction. Whether someone prefers Teams while another chooses WhatsApp, they can easily find each other and communicate seamlessly, thanks to our solution breaking down channel barriers

Smooth channel switching for seamless conversations

Seamless continuity in communication is vital as users switch channels. For instance, starting a chat in one channel and seamlessly continuing in another, similar to moving from Teams to WhatsApp. It's like a phone call with a friend – channel switches won't break the flow, keeping the context intact

Effortlessly manage notification channels

Notify your users using supplementary alert channels. Important or special information can be sent or duplicated via email or SMS.

Receive notifications and messages from users in the Inbox module


Easily incorporate any channel into interactions

All types of content (text, photos, videos, files, links, locations) are unified and delivered across all channels

Additional opportunity: Improve visitor connections by embeding Handy.Ai into your product

Embed even into your web or moblile application for an even better user experience. Chat conveniently and provide personalized information without any third party app or website restrictions. Say goodbye to handling various channels separately

Integration with voice interfaces

Utilize voice-to-text recognition on android and other platforms

Smooth cross-channel transitions

Preserve full communication history with the Ai-powered Specialist, no matter how many channel switches

Cross-channel user-to-user and user-to-agent communication

Enable communication  across different channels, preserving the entire communication history. Learn more about the inbox module. Your agents can interact with users in their preferred messengers without leaving your corporate communication channels

Cultivate loyalty through convenience and better satisfaction of user needs

How Handy AI-powered Specialist enhances user experience and streamlines company operations

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