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Our AI-powered specialists help businesses tackle scaling and labor shortage challenges

At each stage of the employee, customer, or partner journey, from the first contact, we enhance experiences, simplify communication, streamline service acquisition, expedite onboarding, and erase communication gaps for all team members. Rest assured, we won't lose a single person who is essential to your business

Our solution is tailored for growing corporations

We help industries facing labour shortages solve issues of attraction, onboarding, and retention through personalized communication with every employee

Our solutionis tailored forgrowing corporations

Scalable simplicity: onboard, manage, and thrive with ease 's multi-role, multi-channel, and multi-process capabilities are tailored to navigate complex corporate processes, ensuring robust support for rapid growth

Efficient configuration management

Ensuring consistent processes across similar clusters, with custom settings for each grouping

Unified process fusion

By using groupings, you can bring processes together across departments without losing their uniqueness

Your trusted enterprise partner

Read about a RETAIL GIANT that achieved a 2.4x faster vacancy closure, saving 1K hours in recruiting

Active users 16,000 per month

Learn how NATIONAL RAILWAYS boosted worker satisfaction by 21% 

Active users 70 000 per month

Read how DTEK PAVLOHRAD COAL PRJSC reduced safety incidents at a hazardous workplace and saves 6 hours per month using Handy.AI

Read on
Users: 30 000 employees in 10 mines

Read how Metinvest Group attracts and retains skilled workers in a competitive job market with a help of Handy.AI

Read on
Active users 16 000 per month

Read how Sanofi saves up to $20,000 per month on SMS and 10 hours per for medical representatives

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Active users 130 000

Utilize Handy as an all-in-one interface to corporate systems

Handy is a user-friendly interface for interacting with core corporate systems, offering quick access to key functions and data for efficient business management

Seamless integration of with your office tools seamlessly integrates with your office tools, including email, calendar, and more. This integration provides convenient access to critical information and enables swift task execution, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. This ensures a seamless and productive interaction with your corporate systems

Deploy on-premises or on your own private cloud

Deploy your Solution within your Infrastructure OR on your own Kubernetes-based cloud and let us securely manage all processes and data within your closed infrastructure

Integrate Handy smoothly into your digital ecosystem and maximize the impact of all your systems

Unleash the full potential of yourdigital ecosystem with

Unleash the fullpotential of yourdigital ecosystemwith

AI LLM.png

Your exclusive pre-trained
LLM inside your AI Specialist

Our expert team is ready to pre-train an LLM for user communication using your content, tone of voice, and industry-specific language

Engage external contacts viacorporate messengers

Coordinate processes, receive notifications, and communicate with seamlessly within your corporate messengers. Stay connected with end-users in the external world beyond these messaging platforms

Engage externalcontacts viacorporate messengers

Чат на рабочем месте

Your Solution. Swift Implementation and Onboarding for Your Team

Our team of in-house experts is ready to collaborate with you to design, implement, and maintain your customer engagement applications

Benefit from our team's proficiency and experience in configuring and deploying virtual assistants.

With a user-friendly communication layer, your team can seamlessly adopt the platform with no additional training time

Get started with Handy's Assistant in a matter of weeks, avoiding complicated implementation processes

Solution design

  • Identify Business Challenges

  • Gather Stakeholder Input

  • Assess Current Systems

  • Design Workflow and Configuration

  • Develop Integration Specifications

Solution delivery

  • Create Workflows for efficient solution operation

  • Deploy and Configure Platform: Set up and fine-tune the platform to support your solution

  • Integrate Your Content


  • Connect Services: Seamlessly link your existing services

  • Custom Integrations: Create tailored integrations as needed


  • Closed Focus Groups: Conduct testing with carefully selected user group

  • Task Alignment: Ensure the solution aligns perfectly with user tasks

  • Quality Assurance

Your solution swift implementation and onboarding for your team

Our experienced team will expertly configure your AI-powered Virtual Specialist for quick and valuable outcomes, saving you time and resources

Premium Support

Enjoy dedicated support customized to your company's corporate needs: a scalable team managing tasks, responding promptly, and more

Scalability for high loads

The product effortlessly scales to handle high loads and significant usage fluctuations

Ihor Kotelianets

Director of Department of sustainable development and internal communications at JSC Ukrainian Railway

70 845

“ was critically important in helping us change the conversation with our unionized deskless workforce. Together with we broke new ground in employee experience by going from combative conversations to asynchronous dialogue and saved $363,000 within the 1st year”

11 782

“We use for Rewards and Recognition, Safe Workplace and Work Management Communications and today could not imagine managing our workforce without it.”

Fadi Hraibi

CEO Interpipe

Dominique Piotet

Former CEO

10 782

“We created easy access to each point of our ecosystem of 12 properties with It provides the best service to our tenants”

Join leadingenterprises
andrevolutionize yourcommunications

Join leading enterprises
andrevolutionize your communications

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Book a meeting and find the best solution for your business today

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

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