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Maximize your digital ecosystem's impact with the unified API integration suite and pre-build connectors

Integrate smoothly into your digital ecosystem and maximize the impact of all your systems. Gain all-in-one access to corporate systems, streamline ERP integration, customize API connections, ensure efficient API management, and execute seamless workflows. Additionally, seamlessly integrate with global messengers, enhance productivity with Google Workspace, and ensure efficient customer interactions and data management through CRM system compatibility

An all-in-one interface for access to all corporate systems

Ai -powered specialist makes it easy for  business users to seamlessly interact with your ERM and CRM systems. By enabling effortless communication and task execution, they can achieve productive outcomes without the need to navigate complex interfaces or intricate business processes.

Pre-installed сonnectors: empowering your processes and elevating User Experience

  • Global Messenger Integration: connect effortlessly with the top 10 global messengers

  • Google Workspace Integration: streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating with Google Workspace

  • CRM System Compatibility: ensuring efficient customer interactions and data management

Build a 360-View: data collection and
true personalization with

  • create a comprehensive 360-view of your users

  • gather relevant data through effective data collection

  • achieve authentic personalization

Seamlessly integrate with your digital ecosystem

Once you've integrated the API, reusing this connector in different processes and locations is effortless. Our solution offers a comprehensive API Protocol and a range of pre-built connectors, making the integration process seamless and straightforward. provides the tools and flexibility you need to achieve your goals with ease

Connecting the Last Mile in Your Communications

Empower as the unified bridge for all your communication: connect users, tools, and the digital ecosystem

Activate with events from your other systems and back

Leverage deep integration to Trigger based on Events in other systems and initiate the required process from the relevant point


Sync your customer data across all systems

Facilitate data exchange with your other digital products to accommodate all necessary use cases

Monitor all your integrations

Unified dashboard for monitoring and controlling all your integrations with statistics

No-code API integration: effortless connectivity with

Effortlessly oversee, categorize, and collaborate on all your API assets within a unified hub. empowers you to efficiently manage API specifications, documentation, workflow instructions, metrics, and all interconnected elements of your APIs

Handy Actions: at the core of your AI specialist

The core component of the AI Powered Specialist, enabling seamless integration with both people and processes, is the "Handy Actions" product. To learn more about this feature, please visit the corresponding page on our website

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