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Easier Process Automation with AI-Powered No-Code Workflow Editor

Empower teams with powerful workflow editor for process automation. No coding experience required

automatization with ai no-code

Accelerated time-to-benefit solutions

Accelerate growth with quick and simple deployment of new products and features

Growing faster with easy and cost-effective product and feature setup

Utilize templates and our in-house experts for swift AI specialist setup and hypothesis testing. experts are available for your team on an hourly basis to help you with process setup

Intelligent and cost-efficient AI integration

  • Enabling AI when needed in the business process

  • Optimal LLM selection for each task

  • Seamless human-like communication

Easier integration with different systems and software

Seamlessly integrate with a variety of different systems and software, making it a highly adaptable solution for businesses

Effectively engage every role and stakeholder

No role will be left behind; connects all roles within one unified structure

Intuitive UI: swift onboarding

Your AI-powered virtual specialists will start achieving results in just a few weeks, thanks to our swift configuration and training for your team

intuitive UI handy ai
unique step-by-stepapproach handy ai

Unique step-by-step approach, focused on UX

Exceptional user experience: prioritizing your end users through an optimized builder interface with a strong focus on UX

intuitive workflows handy ai
triggers system handy ai

Intuitive workflows: seamlessly connect people and business systems

We design workflows for interaction between people and corporate apps in an intuitive and easy way, creating simple step-by-step instructions using predefined elements, resources, and content, and easily connecting with your business systems like HCM, LMS, ATS and more

​The Triggers system empowers the assistant to independently initiate the execution of the required process

Texts, images, videos, documents, audio, links, surveys, events

Flexible workflow interactions for role-based dynamics

Workflows can operate independently or collaboratively for each actor (role), with interactions between actors' scenarios

workflow interactions handy ai
workflow versioning system handy ai

Seamless workflow versioning system

Versions enable building new approaches without sisrupting current processes. Roll back to previous versions and conduct A/B tests



Get maximum from all your software systems with unified interface quickly integrates with your systems. Previously, these systems were separate, and business users used various methods to access them. With us, they are seamlessly linked into a unified interface that provides access to all corporate systems without any gaps. Information flows continuously through a user-friendly all-in-one interface

software systems
tailored neural networks handy ai
real time tracking
multimedia library handy ai

Continuous workflow improvement through real-time tracking and gap identification

Real-time user tracking: monitoring user progress and highlighting workflow gaps and errors.

Everything you need at your fingertips: a well-organized multimedia library

Imagine having everything in one organized place – a storage system where you quickly find what you need. You can use items again anytime. It includes various content like images, videos, and documents. It's user-friendly and fits with your tools. Everything is well-organized, just like a neat library. All resources are easy to access whenever you need them

Tailored neural networks: optimal solutions for each task

Neural Networks are incorporated into every element and module of the system, enabling rephrasing, comprehension, parsing into parameters, summarization, and automated translation

Use the out-of-the-box GPT-4

Connect other LLMs and use them individually or in custom combinations at specific workflow points

AI Process Improvement:

Coming Soon!

We'll help find process weaknesses and improve efficiency by analyzing real user data and giving recommendations

server room

Deploy On-premises or on Your Own Private Cloud

Deploy your Solution within your Infrastructure or on your own Kubernetes-based cloud and let us securely manage all processes and data within your closed infrastructure

Explore our Enterprise solution

Meet our expert

Book a meeting and find the best solution for your business today

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

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