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Facilitate smooth User-Agent engagement

Keep your human agents informed and ready for user interactions with Inbox, whether through an admin panel or messaging apps, ensuring a human touch when needed

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Empower your human agents with AI  to serve more customers

Empower your team with the AI  for seamless engagement across software, locations, and scenarios, even on the go. This flexibility enhances customer service through the admin panel or messengers, while ensuring transparent communication within the company

Enhance task efficiency

Delegate more routine jobs to AI-powered Specialists to continuously increase execution efficiency

Enable your Agents: empowerment for automated user processes

Empower your agents (professional users) with more options to initiate automated processes. Agents automate user processes, send buttons, and set up flows for users. They also benefit from helpful prompts

Optimise user experience by introducing human touch in bot-user conversations

Facilitate a seamless transition between bot and human interactions: quickly connect to a human during bot conversations when needed

Empowering your partners to assist your users

Effortlessly broaden your Agent network and enhance engagement using partners (vendors, contractors, etc.) can now assist your customers with ease due to incredibly user-friendly AI assistance, helping them answer questions related to their equipment or services used in your product

AI-Driven operator matching for faster issue resolution

By utilizing comprehensive data and communication context, our system identifies the perfect operator for each query. This not only boosts user loyalty but also reduces query resolution time, streamlining your team's efficiency by eliminating the need for manual colleague searches and transfers

Ai-empowered agents: maximizing efficiency with precise and custom user responses

Liberate your Agents from the need to craft responses elegantly. They only need to provide concise, factual points, and our assistant will rephrase them in the desired tone of voice and language. Discover more about the capabilities of AI

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Agent's exclusive efficiency: operating solely through their AI -powered Success Manager in any messenger, no need for admin panel access

The same powerful tool, now in messaging apps. A partner's, agent's, contractor's, or other individual's virtual success manager required for communicating with your consumer – gain control without investing time and money in training


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Equip your Agents with a 360° customer view for enhanced service

Demographics, history, and all the other useful user information at your fingertips. Powerful admin panel for easy communication, ticket management, and seamless chat switching

Streamlined interactions across all channels handy ai

Streamlined interactions across all channels: centralized aggregation for agent efficiency

Unified communication across channels: seamlessly respond from a single channel, switch between admin panel and messengers, even when messages come from different channels

Efficient collaboration handy ai

Efficient collaboration: multi-chats and group messaging

Сonnect multiple agents to a single chat for faster resolution of user issues

Create Skill Set funnel for efficient assignment

Optimize operator selection for user tasks, saving time for both agents and users

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Empower your agents to send users process-triggering buttons and reduce reduces the time-to-value significantly

When agents require a contract to be signed, they can send the individual a document with a 'Sign' button that initiates a document signing workflow. For booking, a 'Reservation' scenario can be utilized, and for placing orders, an 'Order' scenario can be triggered.

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Real-time grammar check, tone adaptation, and translation

Your agent's responses will be grammar-checked, rephrased for tone of voice, and automatically translated in real-time

​Read more about the LLMs

Collect, manage, and enhance all user data

Learn more about the User base

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Beyond text: media exchange and sharing

Sharing media both ways: photos, videos, documents
use existing content and assets easily

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