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Utilize LLMs strategically: integrate your LLM with others efficiently for maximum impact's flexibility goes beyond individual language models (LLMs). By incorporating multiple LLMs, we improve understanding, rephrasing, translation, and user interactions. This not only lowers expenses but also boosts speed and excellence. Plus, you can train your unique LLM, enhancing data security. Elevate user experience with's adaptable system, capitalizing on its LLM-agnostic platform

Simplify communications: making company communication as easy as chatting with a friend

Friendy-like communication experience. Be as simple, clear, natural, and comfortable in communication as a responsive friend. Create interactions so incredible that the thought of rejecting your product and services won't even cross user's mind

Connecting business and users: Your industry-specific assistance

Our goal is to bridge the gap between your business and your audience. We empower your AI Specialist to specialize in your industry and company, allowing it to understand relevant terminology and processes, and to provide tailored assistance to your users within your specific business domain

Understand any request in real-time, regardless of language or topic

Comprehending any language and context of questions or requests in real-time, our AI leverages neural networks to analyze all available data

Maximize LLM's potential, while continuously reducing expenses

Use LLMs where needed, thanks to Only where it matters, not everywhere. It's like picking the right tools for each job, saving money and getting things done smoothly

Craft an exceptional user journey to boost their loyalty to the highest level possible

Discover how our AI-powered Specialist can exceptionally serve your users and seamlessly handle the routine of your managers

Deep integration: your systems trigger essential processes within each other

Trigger Handy with events from your other systems and vice versa

Intelligent phrase recognition:
transforms user input into system parametres

AI Specialist recognizes a person's phrase, breaks it down into parameters and data, and initiate the corresponding action in response

Action triggers for workflows: start from the beginning or specific points

Actions initiate workflows either from the start or from specific points. In a single workflow, multiple entry points exist, each with its corresponding action. Different roles can be involved in one workflow, with the flow starting from various points depending on the role

Respond immediately using full company knowledge 

The search function retrieves answers or generates responses, and can locate relevant content library items or generate responses based on them



Seamless Cross-System Task Execution excels in collaborating with external systems, seamlessly executing tasks that are communicated to it and assigning tasks to them. Learn more about how it collaborates with various systems

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