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ai powered virtual specialist

Meet our AI-Powered Virtual Specialists team, tailored for successful scaling

AI-powered Specialists adept at addressing diverse scaling challenges. This AI Specialists seamlessly take over communication and services with clients, partners, and employees from the outset, enhancing the user experience while streamlining operations and costs, leaving no functions overlooked

Starting Performance in 5 Days

Empowering StartUps for rapid scaling: achieving growth, satisfaction, and efficiency

In the world of startups, rapid scaling is a vital challenge. As you strive to exponentially expand your customer base, it's equally crucial to maintain their satisfaction, elevate user experience, and manage costs efficiently. Our holistic approach empowers startups to effortlessly attain these objectives while simultaneously dealing with the diversification of customers and products. Furthermore, it addresses the growth in employee numbers and the narrowing specialization, all within a condensed timeframe

Balancing growth, retention, and experience

Balancing rapid growth with reduced churn is challenging. Our approach prioritizes exceptional user experiences from the start, ensuring satisfaction, steady progress, and loyalty – even as you onboard numerous new clients and partners.

Swift team expansion: scaling up without compromising quality

Furthermore, you need to ensure the growth and onboarding of your team in response to expansion. They should rapidly adapt without compromising the quality of your services, meeting the demands of new clients

Efficient growth: managing costs while scaling

Amid rapid growth in customers and partners, preventing operational cost surges is key. While scaling teams and operations to accommodate an increased clientele is possible, our solution prioritizes cost-efficient acquisition, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall success

Unlock the potential of a new era in Customer Care

Discover a unique user experience with our AI-powered Customer Care Specialists. Introduce your clients to a new standard of care from the very first moment of contact

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Cusomer Care

Flexible Support Team

Our team is here  to innovate together. Customizing as needed, providing support for new cases

A special per User-AI Specialist  Session plan

Our pricing plans seamlessly align with CAC or Retention metrics, thanks to our per User-AI Specialist session billing model

session plan handy ai
swift training handy ai

Swift training for your team

Quickly train your UX Designers, Product Managers, and/or Business Analysts, enabling them to independently develop and advance your solution while easily tracking metrics

robota ua

How AI Agent is transforming the job seeker journey's AI Agent for Job Seekers streamlines the path to employment. This innovative AI guide assists job seekers in creating resumes, matching candidates with suitable job listings, and simplifying the application process. Users can apply for jobs seamlessly within their messaging app, without navigating external websites. The AI Agent also keeps users' profiles up-to-date with their latest qualifications and work history

Learn how NATIONAL RAILWAYS boosted worker satisfaction by 21% 

Active users 70,000 per month

Overcoming StartUp challenges

With Startups in our portfolio and extensive scaling experience, we grasp the challenges you face

Meet our expert

Book a meeting and find the best solution for your business today

Engage with customers on theirpreferred communication channels

Process requests, automate workflows, receive notifications, and connect with your users through their familiar channels, without requiring them to learn new software

Engagewith customerson their preferredcommunicationchannels

over 1,000,000 customers enjoy an exceptional experience

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