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User data for precise communication sync: collect, organize, elevate

Configuration and management of user data, segmentation, logging actions, and all forms of communication

Boost loyalty by consistently being relevant

Comprehensive data of all types within the system enables personalized communication with each user at the right place and time

Personalise communication with complete user information.

Feel free to add as many fields as necessary for user information and regularly update them. Segment your audience using any field or their combinations, enabling you to achieve communication objectives through highly accurate targeting

Automate more use cases by collecting and utilizing data from all your available sources

Automate as many processes as possible, enriching the data from all your sources

Identify problem sources and resolve them easily with the assistance of a user action logging and monitoring system

Easily understand any incident by observing the actions taken and information received within any chosen time frame

Keep user data in continuously synchronised with information from other systems seamlessly integrates with other systems and exchanges data. Learn more about's connectivity options

User profile customization: manage data fields seamlessly

Create and customize any fields: demographic data, survey responses, behavioral data (gathered from interactions with the system), likes, etc. You can add fields without limitations, tailoring them to achieve the highest level of precision in targeting

Dynamic audience data management

Effortlessly tailor user experiences: adjust messages, locks, history, passwords, fields, invites, roles, and more. This module covers all user interactions and activity tracking, helping you refine settings from their page. By observing user actions and responses, you gain insights into interactions. For instance, identifying inconvenient times, ensuring minimal disruption. This analysis contributes to improving communication strategies


Simplified user permissions and interactions control

Seamless customization of user controls: configure and modify messages, locks, history viewing, passwords, fields, invites, roles, and beyond

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