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Effortless personalization: tailoring mass outreach for everyone

Plan once, send once, deliver hundreds of thousands of uniquely personalized messages. Each user receives a message tailored to their preferred channel, language, and more — all in the relevant context. Eliminate repetitive tasks, amplify engagement. Content encompasses news, surveys, training

Smart message delivery: tailor your channels for optimal communication

Choose how you like to talk, and the system will smartly decide the best way to send messages to people, considering when they're most active. You can use both work-related and personal ways to chat

Precision audience targeting: personalize content and enhance engagement with rich media

Personalize message content and elevate impact with videos, images, and locations

Boost engagement: dynamic campaigns to empower user action

Drive user engagement with dynamic campaigns: moving beyond traditional company mailings. Foster interaction, shift from basic notifications, and embrace active calls to action

Accelerate time-to-market for your new products

Seamlessly integrate with your existing Martech stack and boost agility with user-friendly workflow automation. Speed up your experimentation cycle with centralized access to content, delivery, and analytics, right at your fingertips

Personalize communication plans

Once created, a comprehensive communication plan tailored for each individual comes to life, engaging users. We can extend birthday wishes and acknowledge other pertinent holidays, prompt scheduled learning, facilitate surveys, and more, all at opportune moments

Сhoose us for gradual growth 

Craft and nurture long-term relationships with Handy AI Specialist. We seamlessly incorporate new data and interactions, evolving into a user-friendly essential. Our versatile platform caters to various uses, gathering insights from interactions and learning from users to improve communication effortlessly


Convenient and flexible audience management

Convenient and flexible audience management
generates audiences on-the-fly with precise criteria, including user behaviour, sentiment, intent, or predefined journeys.
Audience updates in real-time

Effortless long-term campaign planning

  • Simplified long-term campaign planning

  • Wide range of ready-to-use blocks: events, media, notifications, forms, surveys, quizzes, and more

Виртуальная встреча команды

Empower Personalized Connections: Stay in Touch Across Channels

An infinite array of instant messengers and communication channels.

Data collection within campaigns

Collect data within campaigns to enrich user profiles and enhance communication quality

Thoroughly integrated with CRM systems and other marketing tools

Learn about the Integration module

Content publishing safeguard

Only authorized users can publish

AI-driven personalisation

  • Customize content based on recipient's data

  • Harness the power of pre-built GPT-4

  • Seamlessly integrate various combinations of Language Models (LLMs)

Continuous improvement: real-time monitoring and workflow gap highlighting dashboards

Real-time user tracking: monitor user progress instantly
highlight workflow gaps and errors

Pre-installed Google Workspace and Office 365

Pre-installedGoogle Workspace andOffice 365

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