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4 Steps To Boost Your PMS.

As a hotel owner, you probably benefit from the Property Management Systems.

This means that already

- Your staff doesn’t need to do repetitive tasks

- All your bookings are synchronised, and errors are limited

- Prices are updated automatically on all booking platforms

However, there is an opportunity to increase hotel revenue that is available, but most of the hotels aren’t using:

First of all, with all the data available, it could generate additional revenue by sending personalised offers. But it doesn’t, because PMS doesn’t have a direct channel to communicate with the customers.

Second, PMS provides analytics across all customers. To spend your marketing budget wisely, you need to target specific clients and offer them the service they desire. To do so, you need to analyse their previous behaviour and requests.

We are currently working on PMS integration with one of our clients, a hotel that uses Smoobu (PMS).

Here is what we’ve done to boost their PMS:

  • Integrated AI Concierge with Smoobu, which means guests now receive personalised offers based on data that we get from Smoobu.

  • Connected advanced AI tools to create a human-like experience.

  • The connected data collection system provides information about guests on every step of their customer journey and sends it directly to Smoobu. Based on the data, AI Concierge can create new audiences and roles for a journey.

  • Connected communication management panel, which hotels use to send personalised messages.

As a result:

  • By communicating with guests' in their favourite messenger, hotels can target them specifically and collect valuable data that can be used for marketing campaigns.

  • Personalised care(human-like experience) increases positive reviews about the stay.

  • After integration, AI Concierge can analyse the number of available rooms in the hotel, access personalised discounts, seasonal offers and client history. Which creates the perfect marketing opportunity.

  • AI Concierge provides an intuitive communication channel, which doesn’t require any knowledge to use, so the employees can easily track the metrics from Smoonu, and send personalised messages directly to guests within seconds.


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