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Make the booking experience so good that clients choose your hotel every time

How to stand out in a crowded hotel business?

Tip: attract customers even before other hotels start their communication.

Here is how: Give potential customers a tool, which will help them find and book a hotel faster, and easier than other platforms.

Then, add personalised offers and relevant information, and the tool will become valuable by itself, and people will start to use it even more frequently.

Need an analogy?

Imagine you need to find some information in your line of work.

You have two options: Google it or ask a personal assistant.

Googling gives you information overload, and you need to go through it yourself to find the answer you need.

An assistant offers tailored, instantly practical solutions.

If you value your time, the assistant wins by providing more value, faster.

Apply it to hotels:

We created a personalised tool inside the AI Concierge.

Here are the benefits for customers:

  • Speed

AI Concierge can be used in any channel which a client is already familiar with.

It provides an opportunity to book a room faster

  • Convenience

Integrated with hotel systems, it's a hub for all information

  • Trust

We ensure safe payments. Collected data is used solely to enhance personalised services.

  • Personalisation

AI analyses requests and provides personalised offers based on guests’ preferences and past experiences.

  • Constant improvement

AI learns all the time and changes accordingly, to provide an even faster booking experience in the future.


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