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8 Key Takeaways from Google Cloud Next '24. Co-Founder’s Perspective

Hello everyone, this is Volodymyr Demianenko speaking, co-founder and the CEO of The content team kindly gave me this channel to express some thoughts here – and I hope it’ll become a tradition. 

So let me start with the most recent event my co-founder Iryna Andriushchenko and I have attended – Google Cloud Next ’24.

8 Key Takeaways from Google Cloud Next '24 from a Co-Founder’s Perspective

Of course, every tech conference is now focused on AI, and we’re more than excited about it, especially when there’s an open code option that’ll boost whole industries and economies. Now Gemini, Google AI, is making a revolutionary enhancement with the pace of its work and 1M tokens that a user can work with. Just imagine – you can download an hour-long video and Gemini will provide you with notes about it. Or, if you’re a professor, looking for some specific information inside 500 books, Gemini will find and categorise the whole library for you! That’s impressive, let’s look at what else is changing. 

  1. AI Agents for Automation: Google has created AI agents that act almost independently to complete tasks. This inlines with what does as well, so it’s going to be a huge step forward, as with Google Cloud systems the whole industry will benefit and businesses can automate more complex tasks, freeing up valuable time for their teams to focus on strategic activities.

  2. Enhanced Team Creativity: Google introduced tools like the AI-powered video app Vids. Personally, I think these tools are game-changers for creative collaboration, making it easier and faster for teams to bring their ideas to life.

  3. Advanced AI Models: Google's latest AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, now offers tools to handle different data types like texts, video, audio, etc. This gives us so many more opportunities to delegate more to AI, to improve our and customer experience

  4. Improved AI Infrastructure: Upgrades to Google's AI Hypercomputer make Gemini so much more efficient – looking forward to testing it myself.

  5. Reliable Data for AI: AI now integrates with Google Search, ensuring that the data it uses is accurate. Good data means better AI results. Simple

  6. Handling Large Data Sets: The new AI models handle more information at once, which is critical for businesses dealing with large volumes of data.

  7. Stronger Cybersecurity: New AI features help predict and combat security threats. I believe this proactive approach to security is critical, especially as digital threats grow more sophisticated each day.

  8. AI-Driven Customer Service: Companies like Mercedes-Benz are using AI to enhance customer interactions. This approach can significantly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In summary, the insights from Google Cloud Next '24 have reinforced my belief in the power of AI to transform business operations. At, we're excited to leverage these innovations to help your business thrive in the digital age. Embracing AI is not just a strategic move—it's essential for staying competitive and innovative.


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