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AI Concierge. How does it work?

One of the newest products - AI Concierge transforms the hotel experience from hectic and stressful to a smooth one.

What is AI Concierge?

Imagine the perfect concierge. What will it look like?

We imagine it like this:

  • Available 24/7, including holidays

  • Answers immediately

  • Speaks every possible language

  • Predicts what services each guest would like to use

And this is exactly the product we created.

How does it work?

Imagine Joe, a professional accountant who wants to go on a holiday with his kids.

His friend recommended him a great hotel nearby and shared the contact of a concierge.

He opens the chat and sends his first message: "Hi, I want to go on holiday for a week starting 20th December. I will be with my wife and 3 kids"

He gets a response immediately: "We have a family room, which will fit you perfectly, you can find the details and pictures. Do you want to make a reservation?"

He likes the room and the price, and replies: "Yes". And receives a confirmation a moment later: "Your room is reserved, we will be happy to see you!

The day before arrival, Joe receives a message with all the information and directions.

Upon arrival, an automated check-in system checks him in and provides all the necessary information about the hotel straight to his messenger.

Following the arrival, the AI concierge can be used from any smart device that is available in the room, including Alexa and smart TV.

After unpacking, Joe and his kids want to order room service. They want to try out the new system, and simply say: "Alexa, I would love to have pasta bolognese and a Greek salad".

Moments later, the kitchen receives the order. Once ready, the order is delivered to the room.

The concierge understands more than 130 languages to provide the best experience for the guests.

Following their stay, he liked his experience of using an AI Concierge and wants to share it with friends. He can send his link, and both of them will receive a special discount for the next stay.

If Joe wants, he can receive personalised offers from the hotel, and book his next stays in advance, directly in the messenger.

All of it was done by automated AI Concierge, and involved hotel employees only where they were needed. But the client hasn’t noticed, because we use the best AI tools for each task, and connect real people if needed.

The client is happy because his stay was smooth.

The hotel team is happy because they didn't need to answer all the same questions.

And the owner is happy, because the client used many services and booked his stay directly, and the AI Concierge saved a ton of money for the owner.

And that is our goal. To create the best experience for the guests and for the hotel employees and save time and money for the owners.

If you are interested in the product, book a call using this link, and we are going to tell you how to do the same in your hotel.


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