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Client Success Story: LakeFront Resorts

Transforming Guest Experience with AI Concierge

LakeFront Resorts, a collection of rental properties in Ontario's Muskoka, Kawarthas, and Georgian Bay regions, offers a unique blend of serene nature and comfortable accommodations. Catering to families and returning visitors for decades, LakeFront Resorts has committed to maintaining its cherished traditions while embracing innovation under new management.


The resort's self-service model, designed for minimal staff interaction to maximize guest privacy and enjoyment. However, this approach presented specific challenges:

  • Language Barrier: The diverse staff, often not fluent in English, led to a reliance on customer support calls for guest interactions,  spoiling overall experience.

  • Remote resort locations complicated staff coordination, inflating operational costs to C$170K+ annually and delaying task completion by up to an hour.

  • Service ratings on booking platforms never exceeded 8.5.


We implemented AI Concierge by to both guest communication and staff coordination at LakeFront Resorts, and here’s what we’ve done: 

  • Hands-On Support: The AI Concierge communicates fluently with guests and staff in the comfortable language, providing back-to-back translation. It stores all the necessary information, and guards the brand’s tone-of-voice

  • Integrated Systems: With access to CRM and HRM systems, the AI Concierge personalizes guest interactions, updates on amenities, and efficiently assigns tasks to the most suitable staff member.

  • Proactive Task Management: It ensures swift task execution by reminding staff of deadlines and monitoring progress.


  • Dramatic Response Time Reduction: Service response times plummeted from up to two hours to under a minute.

  • Significant Cost Savings: Monthly costs for remote customer support dropped to C$10K, with a continued downward trend.

  • Improved Guest Ratings: Service satisfaction on rose to 8.8 within three months of implementing's solution.

More to come!


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