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Handy Friends, AI Volunteer Coach - empowering Ukrainian refugee

In response to Russia's war against Ukraine, which forced millions of refugees to flee the conflict and seek safety primarily in Europe and other countries, Handy.AI initiated the Handy Friends program. This remarkable social initiative is dedicated to providing vital support to over 160,000 Ukrainian refugees scattered across 45 countries. The program underscores our commitment to humanitarian causes and embodies our core values. The Birth of Handy Friends As the war in Ukraine unfolded in February 2022, our team, led by Irina Andriushchenko (Chairperson of the Board, co-founder), and Vladimir Demyanenko (Board Director, CEO, co-founder), faced a momentous decision. We found ourselves in the midst of a rapidly evolving crisis, with the lives and livelihoods of countless refugees hanging in the balance. With a profound sense of urgency, our dedicated team came together, resolute in our determination to make a meaningful difference. We recognized that our expertise in AI and technology could play a pivotal role in assisting Ukrainian refugees during this tumultuous time. Project Supported by Key Partners The Handy Friends project garnered crucial support from Google for Startups, European and American charitable foundations, Ukrainian and Polish advertising agencies, Ukrainian Railways, and numerous volunteer organizations. These esteemed entities contributed their resources and specialist knowledge to make the project possible. The Role of the AI Virtual Volunteer Coach Central to the Handy Friends Initiative is the AI Virtual Volunteer Coach, a versatile figure seamlessly combining the roles of an AI Coach and a Job Placement Agent. These coaches provide invaluable support to individuals finding themselves navigating new environments due to circumstances beyond their control. Key Responsibilities of AI Virtual Volunteer Coaches

  • Facilitating Adaptation: AI Virtual Volunteer Coaches play a pivotal role in assisting refugees to overcome the challenges associated with settling in a new country. They provide guidance on cultural integration, language acquisition, and accessing essential services.

  • Guiding Educational Pursuits: These coaches assist individuals in understanding the educational opportunities available in their host countries. They empower refugees to explore options for furthering their education, whether by acquiring new skills or pursuing formal qualifications.

  • Navigating Job Searches and Placements: A critical aspect of their role revolves around matching refugees with suitable employment opportunities. Leveraging their extensive network and deep understanding of job markets, the AI Virtual Volunteer Coaches connect individuals with positions aligned with their skills and aspirations.

  • Global Employment Prospects: Going beyond geographical boundaries, these coaches explore job opportunities in various countries, ensuring refugees have access to a diverse range of options. Their aim is to help individuals secure optimal job placements, regardless of their current location.

The Impact of Handy Friends Serving as AI Virtual Volunteer Coaches, the Handy Friends team streamlines the transition process for refugees. They alleviate stress, expedite integration into the workforce, and empower refugees to make informed decisions regarding education and employment. As Handy.AI continues to expand the Handy Friends program and enhance the capabilities of AI Virtual Volunteer Coaches, our unwavering commitment to humanitarian aid remains steadfast. We firmly believe in the transformative power of technology to effect positive change in the lives of those most in need. Our mission transcends borders and creates opportunities for a brighter future. Learn more about the Handy Friends program by visiting


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