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Streamlining promo code redemption with Digital Customer Assistants

Introduction: PepsiCo Ukraine, a leader in the food and beverage industry, faced a challenge in simplifying promo code redemption and ensuring data quality during promotional campaigns. This case study highlights how PepsiCo Ukraine leveraged innovative digital assistants to transform its promotional efforts, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and reliable data collection. Challenges - Simplifying Promo Code Redemption and Data Quality: PepsiCo Ukraine frequently conducted promotional campaigns involving promo codes, but the complexity of these campaigns often led to data loss. The challenge was to streamline data collection while maintaining data quality and reliability. Digital Assistants Solution: PepsiCo Ukraine introduced innovative digital assistants in the form of chatbots to simplify promo code redemption and improve user experiences across multiple brands. These digital assistants provided users with the ability to effortlessly register promo codes, understand campaign rules, explore prizes, and receive instant assistance. Key Digital Assistants:

  1. Lays Chatbot (@Laysua_bot): Streamlined promo code registration, rule reviews, prize exploration, and provided prompt responses. Also featured a direct hotline for user assistance.

  2. SadochokUA Bot (@SadochokUA_bot): Guided users through promo code entry, explained rules, showcased prizes, and offered assistance, including access to a hotline.

  3. Pepsi Music Bot (@Pepsi_Music_Bot): Allowed users to win prizes based on music genres and provided a seamless user experience from entering the lottery to receiving congratulations upon winning.

Integration and Efficiency: These digital assistants seamlessly integrated into PepsiCo Ukraine's digital ecosystem, delivering personalized user interactions and an efficient promo code redemption process. About PepsiCo Ukraine: PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader known for its wide range of enjoyable products. In Ukraine, PepsiCo is recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the beverage and snack industry. With a strong market presence, PepsiCo continues to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences. Visit the PepsiCo Ukraine website at Results: PepsiCo Ukraine's Digital Assistants have set new standards in customer engagement and data collection during promotional campaigns. By offering convenience, transparency, and immediate support, these digital assistants have significantly improved the customer experience while ensuring the security and reliability of collected data. As PepsiCo Ukraine continues to optimize these digital assistants, it remains dedicated to delivering top-tier customer success.


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