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TINU - the AI Tenant Success Manager

Unit City, a vibrant innovation hub located in Kyiv, Ukraine, embarked on a bold mission to redefine tenant services for its commercial building occupants.

Challenge: The challenge at hand was to enhance interactions between Unit City and its tech-savvy tenants, ultimately elevating the overall tenant experience. Unit City recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would streamline tenant interactions, simplify administrative tasks, and facilitate seamless communication within their digital ecosystem.

Solution - TINU: The AI Tenant Success Manager: In response to this challenge, Unit City introduced TINU, an intelligent AI tenant success manager powered by the platform. TINU was meticulously designed to provide tenants with a wide range of services accessible through various interfaces, including a mobile app and a chatbot. A dedicated business portal was also established to streamline document management, invoice handling, and messaging.

TINU's capabilities extended beyond administrative duties. It automated tenant registration and verification, seamlessly integrating passport data checks, photo verification, and offline verification through card access. TINU excelled in tenant communication, efficiently addressing queries, guiding tours, conducting sociological surveys, and more, all in real-time.

Transforming Tenant Services: Beyond streamlining administrative tasks, TINU played a pivotal role in transforming tenant services. It efficiently managed tenant onboarding, issuing access permits, facilitating the entry of tenants and their vehicles onto the premises, as well as welcoming their guests and their vehicles. TINU's versatility extended to upselling various services, such as BMW car-sharing, new restaurant menus, and more, ensuring a constantly evolving tenant experience.

As part of the implementation, a multi-level, role-based access system was seamlessly integrated, ensuring secure and streamlined operations. TINU was deeply integrated with Unit City's corporate systems, including CRM Cratio, access control, video surveillance, Jira/G Suite services, Business Intelligence tools, and Qlik Sense, enabling real-time data analysis and immediate issue resolution.

Furthermore, a robust tenant verification system was established, encompassing passport data verification, photo verification, and offline verification through card access. TINU served as the central interface for users and business users within Unit City's digital ecosystem, operating seamlessly within messaging apps and as an embedded component in the mobile application.

Unit City is on the brink of unlocking unparalleled efficiency and tenant satisfaction. As they continue to fine-tune and optimize TINU, their unwavering commitment to providing top-tier tenant services remains their guiding principle. The introduction of TINU represents a significant milestone in their journey to redefine tenant services and enhance the tenant experience within their innovation hub.

Explore the UNIT.City Ecosystem: Unit City is not just a physical location but an entire ecosystem. It fosters collaboration between talents, inventors, and entrepreneurs, creating a space for rapid growth and win-win partnerships. The ecosystem provides essential tools for international networking and business strengthening, including grants and mentoring programs from reputable organizations like Amazon and UC Berkeley.

At its core, Unit City aims to build a meta-community, where potential grows with every addition to the innovation park. The ecosystem grants talent and companies access to expertise, knowledge, and resources, forming the cornerstone of its success.

For more information about Unit City and its dynamic ecosystem, visit their website.

With TINU and the entire Unit City ecosystem, they are poised to continue their journey towards redefining tenant services and fostering an environment where businesses and individuals can thrive.


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