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Revolutionizing Communication with AI Medical Affairs Representative

Sanofi Ukraine, a representative of the global pharmaceutical company, faces the challenge of transforming medical communication and engagement while maintaining effective medical communication and managing pharmaceutical sales representatives. With an active database of over ten thousand doctors, it's crucial to ensure they are well-informed about new medical treatments, engaged in company activities, and managed efficiently.


  • Revamping pharmaceutical sales representatives' and medical affairs representatives' management and training.

  • Keeping healthcare professionals informed about new medications and treatments.

  • Optimizing communication expenses while avoiding message overload.

  • Adapting to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made physical visits and offline events impossible.

Introducing AI Virtual AI Medical Affairs Representative (AI MAR): At the heart of this transformative project lies Sanofi Ukraine's multi-level communication system called MINT, a white-label solution based on MINT's mission is to create a unified channel for direct and personalized communication, serving as a digital assistant for pharmaceutical sales representatives and healthcare experts. It aggregates all other communication channels, streamlining and enhancing interactions. The AI MAR performs various functions:

  • User Registration: It collects and securely stores user information, ensuring strict adherence to confidentiality requirements. It also analyzes and compares user data with other Sanofi databases and collects user consent for personal data usage.

  • Event Management: The Ai Virtual Pharmaceutical Sales Representative sends event invitations, allows users to plan their participation, and tracks completed and planned events.

  • Invitations via Bot: It enables user invitations via SMS or QR codes.

This comprehensive approach empowers pharmaceutical sales representatives and doctors alike, providing tailored medical information and essential training. It dramatically increases doctor attendance at events and improves response rates compared to previous communication methods such as SMS and email. Navigating the COVID-19 Challenge: During the challenging COVID-19 period, physical visits by pharmaceutical sales representatives became impossible, and offline events were canceled. However, Ai Virtual Pharmaceutical Sales Representative continued to work actively, providing essential support and maintaining engagement with healthcare professionals. This digital approach proved invaluable during the pandemic, positioning Ai Virtual Pharmaceutical Sales Representative as the primary means of communication. Integration into Sanofi Ukraine's Digital Ecosystem: Ai Virtual AI MAR seamlessly integrates into Sanofi Ukraine's digital ecosystem, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness:

  • CRM Salesforce Integration: The solution efficiently connects with Salesforce, enhancing data aggregation and streamlining communication with healthcare professionals.

  • Learning Portal Integration: Ai Virtual Pharmaceutical Sales Representative seamlessly integrates with the Learning Portal, providing comprehensive training and education for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

The outcomes achieved through AI MAR include:

  • Substantial Cost Savings: Sanofi Ukraine achieved substantial cost savings by replacing traditional SMS communication methods with AI MAR, resulting in a significant reduction in expenses.

  • Dramatic Conversion Rate Increase: Response rates to company messages soared by 61.3%, and event attendance increased by 40%, demonstrating the solution's unparalleled effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Engagement: AI MAR provides a more engaging and efficient channel for pharmaceutical sales representatives to interact with doctors, ultimately driving higher engagement levels.

Discover how Handy AI's solutions, including AI Medical Affairs Representative, can transform engagement and communication in your industry.


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