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Cultivating Worker Loyalty with AI Employee Engagement Manager

Interpipe, a global steel pipe producer with a workforce of over 13,000 employees worldwide, initially faced significant challenges related to workplace safety, compliance, and employee morale.


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Interpipe, a prominent global steel pipe producer with a workforce of over 13,000 employees worldwide, faced a multifaceted challenge. The company struggled with significant problems due to the absence of a direct and bidirectional communication channel with its workforce. These challenges encompassed workplace safety, compliance, and employee morale.


  • Ensuring workplace safety and compliance.

  • Boosting employee morale in challenging work environments.

  • Establishing a direct and effective communication channel with employees, which became particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Interpipe:

Interpipe is a leading global producer of steel pipes, serving various major sectors, including oil & gas exploration, power generation, and mechanical and structural applications. With a presence in over 80 countries, Interpipe supplies pipe products to customers worldwide through a network of sales offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, the USA, and the Gulf.

The Evolution of AI Employee Engagement Manager:

In 2019, Handy AI embarked on a project with Interpipe to implement an AI Employee Engagement Manager, primarily focused on internal communication. This role aimed to provide essential information and services to employees, such as scheduling appointments with local healthcare providers, routing support requests, and more.

As the project advanced, the AI Employee Engagement Manager's role expanded to encompass a broader focus on employee well-being and safety, extending beyond its initial responsibilities in internal communication.

Safety Enhancement Solution:

Recognizing the need for enhanced safety measures, Interpipe joined forces with Handy AI to transform the AI Employee Engagement Manager. This evolution aimed to tackle various challenges:

  • Increased Reporting: The AI Employee Engagement Manager encouraged employees to report safety hazards and incidents more frequently.

  • Reduced Accidents and Injuries: By actively promoting safety awareness and efficient incident reporting, there was a noticeable decline in accidents and injuries.

  • Efficient Auditing: The AI Employee Engagement Manager ensured that safety checklists were consistently completed and established an escalation process for any issues that arose.

  • Health Incident Management: It streamlined the process of addressing health incidents at work, reducing lengthy reporting processes and ensuring prompt feedback on the status of reports.


The outcome was remarkable—Interpipe achieved an impressive 18% increase in employee loyalty, coupled with substantial enhancements in workplace safety and employee engagement.

Discover how Handy AI's AI Employee Engagement Manager can enhance safety and worker loyalty in your workplace. For more information about Interpipe, visit their website at Interpipe.


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